In September 2011, I was diagnosed with cysts and fibroids.  The doctor told me to have them surgically removed. 

I opted not too, as I thought that there could be natural ways to have them leave the body.  I was also told that they can leave on their own.  Due to the symptoms, I decided to research the ways in which to have them leave in a holistic way.

Online I found many cites recommending a change of diet, strenuous exercise, acupuncture, and Chinese medicine.  A good friend also gave me her book:  Sacred Woman, written by Queen Afua.  I  learned so much about women’s bodies through reading this book.  There are so many foods that cause the growth of cysts, fibroids, and tumors.  I followed Queen Afua’s strict diet, which excluded white flour, sugar, caffeine, potatoes, meat, pork, seafood and dairy.  In addition, I exercised, while receiving acupuncture three times a week. 

Within two months my symptoms were gone. 

At times I felt that would be easier to have the fibroids surgically removed.  I am meat eater.  I love meat, cheese and even more, I love shrimp.  I had to become a vegan. 

Becoming a vegan was a true test of my mental strength.  In addition, being a vegan is extremely difficult in Brazil.  The restaurants put pork or meat in every dish as a condiment and do not consider pork meat. 

Through perseverance, I learned how to make vegan dishes such as vegan cornbread, vegan pumpkin pie for the holidays and many other vegan dishes that was surprisingly delicious.  It wasn’t just eating vegan, but I had to cut out all white, processed foods such as white flour, regular rice, sugar, etc.  This made it even more difficult as the vegetarian options available had sugar or white flour in their dishes. 

Dance to Health
Dance to Health

You can now imagine my difficulty, but it was all worth it.  After three months of the diet, I would occasionally splurge, but for the most part I was able to maintain a vegan diet.  Queen Afua states the growths can re-grow if you eat these mucus increasing foods, so I keep them at bay.  I do feel however that anything in moderation is fine for you.   In addition, to the diet, exercise and acupuncture I incorporated her womb dance into my routine. 

This knowledge is one of the things I hope to share in one of my many retreats.  What have been some of your struggles in your quest for a lifestyle change? What have been some of your triumphs for a lifestyle change?  Have you struggled with cysts, fibroids, or tumors?

Renee Adolphe / Prandhara Prem

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PS.  Please be sure to leave any questions or comments at the bottom.  I would love to hear and learn from you! I feel we are all teachers and students in this life.