The Rebirth
The Rebirth

The name Renee is very befitting of me as it means reborn. I have been reborn several times. The latest was during my stay at Centro Metamorfose, a tantra community. I lived there for two months doing Swasthya Yoga, Osho Active Meditations and working hard.

I chose to do the flowing program, at Centro Metamorfose, where we had to work as an exchange to pay for the courses they offer. The work was hard and long. We worked seven days a week. The weekends were more strenuous as they facilitated courses every weekend. The first week I was ready to quit.  I felt as if I had been working as hard as a slave.

Why was I putting myself through this? The schedule was tight. We awoke around 6:30am for yoga, which began at 7am, breakfast at 8am, then worked until lunch at noon in which we were able to take a break.

Work began again at 2pm and went until 5pm, then a meditation or activity such as dance or music.

To end the night, there was our final activity at 9pm which was either massage, dance, or meditation. We ended up sleeping around midnight. I was burnt out my first week.

Dancing to create energy
Dancing to create energy

As much as I loved to dance, my body was physically exhausted after working on my feet, but I endured and participated in the dance activities. I remember being told “we are more than our minds and that we can do whatever we put our minds too.  I was physically and mentally exhausted but strength came to me. I pushed myself and it became easier.

I remember working and being my normal talkative self and the coordinator would say work meditation. You have to be focused and present. I realized how unfocused and absent I have been. I meditate often and am present during those times, but often in my day to day I wasn’t, which is why I would not remember things or tune people out at times. My mind wandered a lot.

Present with self
Present with self

Being present is being there, being aware of what you are doing, your conversations, or where you are. I was grateful for the reminders and teachings to be present. Other times they would remind me to have eagle vision. What is this eagle vision?  Eagle vision is seeing something that needs to be done and doing it without being asked. Eagle vision is seeing something where it shouldn’t be and putting it into its proper place.

I remembered when I lived with my sister and she asked me to wash the dishes. I washed everything in the sink, but didn’t notice the cups on the table.  She said, “why didn’t you wash all the dishes?”  In my mind, I had, just failed to perceive that there were more outside of the sink.  Had I washed everything, including what was outside of the sink is what we call eagle vision. Another wonderful lesson that I am eternally grateful for. Although, the lessons were hard for me they were very much needed.

In time, I felt nothing but gratitude for my teachings and my inner strength began to shine through. My last weekend everyone was saying how powerful I looked. I felt the shift. I felt the change. I felt stronger and more grounded. I am powerful beyond belief! We are all powerful beyond belief!

When was the last time you pushed yourself beyond your limit? When was the last time you ran that extra mile? I saw how my butterfly wings grew stronger and more beautiful, the shift from catepillar to butterfly!  Let your wings flap! Let your beauty shine! Trust in yourself! Push beyond your limit and see how strong you really are. With love Renee!

Renee Adolphe / Prandhara Prem

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