My journey with Rapé, pronounced ha-peh, in English, has been an interesting one.  It is one heavily connected with Ayahuasca.  I remember being in Cusco, Peru in an Ayahuasca ceremony and was asked if I would like to try Rapé.  I was told it is normally done at Ayahuasca ceremonies to prepare you for the spiritual work ahead, and open up the third eye chakra.  Being that I am an adventurous daredevil I will certainly try anything once.

So I said yes!  

Giving Rapé to a friend.

The Shaman/healer blew the Rapé in one nostril, without any explanation.  Let me remind you that I was in Peru, where they only spoke Spanish at this ceremony.  Immediately, I stopped breathing.  Fear entered, I began to panic.  Thoughts of death aroused.  The Shaman began to say “breathe” in Spanish, but I couldn’t.  He said “breathe” again.  I was just filled with fear and could not hear anything he was saying. 

All the 13 years of Spanish I studied, did not help me at this moment, as I froze and could not think.  The fear and panic filled my mind.


What is breathing anyway? 

Breath is life. 

Breathing is the thing that helps us relax, think clearly and bring us back to a healthy state, which is why breath work is fundamental in yoga, meditation, pilates, dance and singing.  

He touched me and said “breathe”.  I was able to take a deep breath.  The panic left.  Then he prepared to blow the Rapé in the next nostril.  I started a process and had to continue. He blew, I choked up again, but this time I was able to breathe sooner.  Tears ran down both cheeks.   A sense of peace and calm came.  It made it all worthwhile.  I had an amazing meditation, felt completely and deeply relaxed and knew everything would be OK.

As I continued on my journey through S. America and doing Ayahuasca ceremonies, I continued to do Rapé.  After living in Brazil for three years Rapé became a bit more of a regular practice.  I hadn’t been trained on it officially, but began to use it myself.  I would buy the Rapé, then use it myself for deep meditations. 

Rapé with Tepi and Kuripe applicators.

I bought a self-applicator, called ‘Kuripe’, with more time I bought an applicator in which I could administer to others.  This is called ‘Tepi’ or blow pipe.  They are made from bamboo or bones.  The Kuripe is ‘V’ shape and Tepi is long with the smaller end being the end to insert into the nostrils.  I guess you could say I had a training directly through Rapé, but then I began a proper Shaman training at Xamanizando. A course in which I received a proper training on Rapé.   

I remember doing Rapé once in Imbassai, Brazil on the beach with a friend for an outside meditation.  I vomited for the first time.   As I purged, I could see all of my fears exiting.  I was cleansing my soul and body.  It was a wonderful and well needed purge that I was thankful for.  It wasn’t painful or uncomfortable.  It was just a well needed cleanse.  

I sat back down and that sense of peace returned. Usually, I will do it for new or full moon ceremonies or times where I feel like I would like to have a deep meditation.  I am thinking of doing Rapé more often as it profoundly helps to re-align and open all your chakras. It  grounds you, and releases any sickness on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.  It also opens-up the third eye by de-calcifying the pineal gland , and clearing mental confusion.  In addition, it releases any negative thoughts, connects you to your divine breath, and elevates your connection with Spirit.

Self applying Rapé.

Rapé is a very rare, sacred, powerful, precious, profoundly healing and cleansing miracle medicine that I am thankful to have come across in my lifes’ journey.  Each journey with Rapé, I have received valuable insight on what I should do, it has helped me to connect with my precious breath, taught me how to trust myself and have given me a sense of peace and faith. Thank you sacred medicine. 

Thank you Rapé! 

Renee Adolphe / Prandhara Prem 

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PS. Please be sure to leave any questions or comments at the bottom.  I would love to hear and learn from you! I feel we are all teachers and students in this life.